Are you stuck in a boring 9 - 5 job?

Are you desperate to get out of the rat race?

Do you dream of running your own business?

Do you know how much money people make on Ebay?

Is trading on Ebay or the internet something you thought about but didn't know where to start?

Chris Joy - Ebay Business Course - Conference Centre - Bromley - April / May 2010.

If you are visiting this web page you will no doubt have heard either from me, or from a friend, that I plan to run an Ebay / Internet business startup course to introduce you to some of my unique methods.

The purpose of this website is to firstly, introduce you to me, and secondly to hopefully help you to determine if this course is really going to be for you or not.

The course itself will last one day (on a weekend), and will consist primarily of me talking, explaining various pieces of software, research methods, and loads of other stuff which I will talk about in the video below. It will cost £300, for which you will receive absolutely very piece of insider knowledge I have accrued over the years. You will receive a large printed pack containing everything which will be discussed on the day, with plenty of room for your own notes. You will also receive a DVD containing video tutorials of the more technical things I do on the computer screen which you may not be able to remember on the day.

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, or there’s absolutely anything you’d like to know before signing up, please ask me using my contact form. Enough the video below..